2018 H6: 1559 Summit Ave.


No strangers to remodeling, the new owners knew they could update this decrepit 1920 duplex into a single-family forever home.


A list of desired amenities was a catalyst for turning a bedroom into a large mudroom, an open kitchen space where their large family can gather, an additional exterior door for direct access to a patio, two home offices, an additional laundry room central to bedrooms, and a large master bathroom. To best understand the complexity of the floor plan changes, see the construction documents.


As for the aesthetic, this was inspired by a deep appreciation for the durability, colors, textures and simplicity of Norwegian design. The home’s light paint colors set a positive tone. An abundance of tile creates character. New lighting reflecting the home’s original design is mixed with simplistic modern lighting.  To pay homage to the original character several light fixtures were reused, wallpaper was repurposed at a ceiling, the chimney was exposed, and a new coffered ceiling was created.


Overall, this eclectic design style was carefully thought out to create a cohesive design throughout the home.


Come see this project in person, September 29 – 30th on the 2018 Castle Home Tour.