H6: 4709 27th Ave S., Minneapolis MN 55406

Designer: Emily Blonigen
House Style: Traditional
Project Type: Kitchen, Dining Room, Bathroom

The homeowner of this two-story south Minneapolis house, built in 1937, decided it was time to make some changes. One of the main wishes of the homeowners was to transform their boxed in multiple room layout into an open floor plan that would accommodate the needs of their growing family. To do this, structurally a lot of changes had to be made. The wall between the kitchen and dining room was torn out and an island took its place, creating a touchdown zone to help define the space.

The original tiny front entry was eliminated so that you immediately walked into open floor plan. The ½ bath became completely gutted and then relocated as a ¾ bath to where the original breakfast nook was, thus allowing for more kitchen cabinet space and then opening up the space of the heavily used back entry.  

The aesthetic goal of the project was to create a minimal, clean look. White Oak hardwood to match existing oak floors were installed throughout the kitchen, back entry, and dining room. In the Kitchen, the countertop selected was a White Silestone’s Quartz and the upper cabinets continued the color white for a flawless look. To balance and warm up the space, a cherry was selected for the base cabinets and then incorporated in the floating shelves to tie the design together.

The upgraded ¾ bathroom’s aesthetics were similar to the kitchen to keep the cohesiveness of the project. The vanity has the exact same counter and body finish as the kitchen. Floors were done in Adura Flex tile for its extreme durability and the warmth to touch it brings in the winter compared to the coolness of regular porcelain tile. The shower was completed with large tile formatted in a horizontal straight set to give it a simple linear line pattern. Homeowners choose Kohler’s inspired ballet Choreograph Bar so that their bathroom is ready for every stage of life.

Overall, the homeowners were able to achieve their minimal open floor plan and in turn, they plan to work with Castle again for their future project of tackling their upstairs.


You can see more kitchens and baths on our main website: www.castlebri.com

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