Castle Home Tour 2019 H13: 5532 Richmond Curve

Taking good care of this home and taking time to customize it to their family, the owners have completed four remodel projects with Castle. Showcased projects include their kitchen, wet bar, and basement. Not on tour is a second-floor addition including a master suite.

Projects on display have been completed to make better use of the original space. A more functional kitchen now offers ample workspace and cabinet storage. Converting a closet into a wet bar allows for better hosting in the dining room.

Finishing a portion of the basement to make a living room and give the home an additional bathroom allows for the family and guests to have more personal space. With every project, solid oak woodwork has been installed, classic countertops and traditional tile selected, and glass knobs used.

Overall, this home is suited not only to the home’s original character; it is also suited to house the owners’ family for a lifetime.

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