2013 Contest


We want tour goers to get something more than jealousy after seeing all of these great remodeled spaces. So we’ve decided to offer up some BIG prizes! Featured in our mobile app, CASTLEBRI,  you will see a Check In feature. In here you will find multiple options. Be sure to complete all your check in goals for the maximum opportunities to win. Click to download our app today on:






Enter to win:

When visiting your first home make sure you pick up a unique check in card. This card will be yours for the entire tour. Next, you will have two options:

1. Take your unique check in card to the host of the first house you visit. The host will register your name to your unique card, and from there each host of the home you visit will be able to check you in. Each host will have a purple tshirt on so they will be easy to spot!

2. If you prefer to do things on your own and have a smart phone you can download our home tour app, CASTLEBRI. By clicking on our Check In feature in the mobile app you will be brought to a QR scan device. Using the QR scanner, scan your unique card. You will be prompted to register your name. From here, each time you visit a new home find the self-check in poster and scan the QR code.

Visit all 26 houses, landscapes included, and you will be entered a total of 26 times. You may earn an additional entry by submitting via our website. This brings us to a total of 27 entries.


Grand Prize – $5000 Remodeling Project


Our grand prize will be a $5000 certificate to put towards a future remodeling project of your choice. The prize must be redeemed by October 1, 2014.


Second Place Prize – $2000  Cambria Gift Certificate

CambriaOur second place prize will be a $2000 certificate for Cambria Countertops. Castle will be providing the demolition and Cambria will provide 25 sf Cambria quartz countertops, color TBD with guidance from a Castle Designer, included. The prize must be redeemed by October 1, 2014.

Third Place Prize – $1000  Warners’ Stellian Gift Certificate

Warners-StellianOur second place prize will be a $1000 certificate for appliances at Warners’ Stellian. The prize must be redeemed by October 1, 2014.


Door Prizes

When you enter for our grand prizes you are also automatically entered for all of our door prizes. Visit our Door Prizes page as we update daily with new prizes as we lead up to the home tour dates!


Contestants have a total of 27 entries for all prizes. Once a contestant has won a prize they are no longer eligible to win any other prizes. Castle holds the rights to deny any individual a prize at their own discretion. All prizes worth $1000 or more must be redeemed by October 1, 2014. If winning prize is not claimed within 15 days of winning it will be awarded to a new person. Questions, comments and concerns about your winning prize may be directed to Loren Schirber, loren@castlebri.com.