H1: 1292 Castle Ct

Owners of this Golden Valley home desired a more functional kitchen, reminiscent of the arts and crafts style. Major changes were done with the help of Designer Amy Hinck including removing a peninsula to create a free standing island, new custom cabinetry, new tiled flooring, and new windows were installed. The refrigerator was relocated to abate the bottle neck/lack of work space with a large pantry next to it for ease with roll outs and adjustable shelves. Great skill was used behind the scenes in dealing with an out of level floor, pipes, the very intricate cabinetry, not to mention HVAC discovered in the soffits that needed to be moved. Come visit this home to learn more about all the changes that happened and to see the beautiful space for yourself! Plus we will have Before photos and Design plans so you can see everything that went into making this beautiful Golden Valley Kitchen.

H1 1292 Castle Ct

This beautiful kitchen features custom cabinetry, tile and a custom dining table.

When you visit this home you will have the chance to learn all about What Is A Professional Remodeler exactly. With insight on how to tell the difference between professional and amateur as well as a host who knows the Design Process like the back of her hand, this home will be a great stop if you are looking to get more information about remodelers in general before deciding to hire.

Tiled backsplash

Custom tile backsplashes make a Kitchen truly unique to the homeowner’s taste. This backsplash was created by local company Clay Squared.

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