H1 Educational Feature: How to Plan for your Window Replacement with Marvin Windows

H1 Designer: Katy Dale
House Style: Farm House
Project Type: Addition; Front Entry, Home Office, Master Suite, Bathroom, Flooring


We kicked off the year 2021 by becoming Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractors! With our new partnership in mind, we thought we would share our industry tips, tricks and more with anyone who may be considering replacing the windows in their existing home. This year’s 2021 Virtual Educational Series kicked off with a class all about windows, and we’ll share that recap with you right here as well.

So, what should you know about window replacement projects?

  1. Anatomy of a window
  2. Common types of window replacement projects​
  3. What to expect when you have your windows replaced​
  4. How to select the right windows for your home​
  5. Average project timeline

1. Anatomy of a Window

The anatomy of a window, interior.
This illustration, provided by HistoricalWindows.com gives a great explanation of the parts of a window commonly found in the Twin Cities. Often times, when it’s time for a window replacement it is related to the SASH or jambs.

Knowing the parts of your window inside and out will not only help you when speaking with your contractor but can help you pinpoint the exact problems occuring. While replacing parts versus the entire window isn’t unheard of, sometimes just getting a new stool and apron can fix the problem at hand.

2. Common Types of Window Replacements Projects

Our friends over at Marvin, gives a great look at 14 signs you may need to replace your window. The most common being higher than normal energy bills, drafts or unexpected light filtering in, or even your pets are starting to get cold! Now that you know that you may need some new windows, what TYPES of window replacements can be done? More importantly, can Castle Building & Remodeling handle it?

The short answer is, YES! Unlike specialized remodelers, Castle as a Design and Build firm can handle almost all window related projects in the house.

3. What to Expect when you have your Windows Replaced

We were excited to host Dale Loeffler, Marvin Windows, on our virtual educational series. He and Small Projects Division Manager Brent Fuqua dove into some interesting conversations about what to expect when you replace your windows and what to look out for. Catch the instant replay here:

5. Average project timeline

While we pride ourselves in our completion date guarantee, with the current nationwide shortages it is hard to give an exact project timeline at this time. If it’s simply replacing windows, it may be a 6 – 8 week project timeline, but if we’re doing other remodeling projects or extensive exterior work needs to be done this could be pushed out even further. That’s with the assumption that the products needed are fully in stock at the start of production. It would be best to reach out to us directly so we can talk project specifics and provide a more personal response.

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