H9: 1012 Lincoln Ave

The owners of this home thought ahead when doing previous projects. A few years ago they added on to the rear of the home, in hopes of someday expanding their kitchen. We think other homeowners can learn from them and strive to think ahead and plan to do projects in phases. They even purchased extra tile so that when they did choose to do the kitchen and ½ bath remodel, they had enough to tie into the existing rear entry/mudroom. We didn’t do the addition, but were called upon to rework their kitchen and ½ bath layout. They decided on the option that gave them the biggest island and kitchen space. Some of the unique features in this remodel include locally made tiles used as a detail in the backsplash, a combination gas/griddle/induction cooktop, a reduced length toilet in order to maintain code clearances, and a recessed niche for the TV. These owners were also willing to do some work themselves to save on costs- demolition, acquiring many of the fixtures, and painting.

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The educational feature at H9 is Planning with your Designer Through Social Media.